Psychotherapy Services


  Individual Psychotherapy - I develop a personal treatment plan for each client  particular to his/her/their needs.
  Group Therapy - Structured group with common needs and goals.
  Family Therapy - work with all family members together or conjointly, as needed.
  Psychosocial Evaluations - for requested reports from schools, immigration and courts.
  Art and Play Therapy - for teenagers and adults unable to communicate their needs and feelings.
 Chronic Pain Management - teach people with chronic pain how to effectively cope with their pain and work with family members and significant others.
 Guided Imagery, Reiki, Breathing Techniques and Meditation - teach how to relax, become focused and feel in control of self.
Case Management - Work with psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors, schools and courts to ensure continuity of care.


I employ a variety of approaches and techniques to fit the needs of the individual, family or group which include:

 Cognitive Therapy

 Reality Therapy

 Communication Skills

 Problem Solving

 Assertiveness Training

 Role Playing and Sculpturing

 Gestalt Therapy


 Twelve Step Programs.


Specialize in:



     Chronic Pain

     Eating Disorders

     Post Traumatic Stress Disorder



     Physical and Sexual Abuse

     Trauma/Grief Work


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